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Liat Electronics Israel's leading electronic manufacturers, the ability

and flexibility to manage any type of project, of any size.

The focus on customer satisfaction ensures total commitment to excellence in supply chain management, quality , manufacturing and allows to offer competitive prices.

Professionalism - ensuring a high level of professionalism, service quality and meeting the high expectations.

Collaboration - Liat Electronics as a strategic partner of its customers, and all actions aimed at the client's success and to achieve its goals.
Continuous improvement - striving for continuous improvement in all areas of activity.

Reliability - adhering reliability according to customer requirements Flexibility - ensuring always find the best way to fulfill the requirements of the customer, while maintaining quality and professionalism.

Quality - a commitment to hire only the finest professionals in each project and maintain a high level of professionalism of its employees with periodic training.

Confidentiality - ensuring data security and confidentiality Most of all levels of the organization.

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