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​Liat Electronics SMT lines resumed most advanced.

Modern Automatic Optical Inspection AOI test machine, X-ray BG machine,

wave soldering and selective soldering.
Devoted a skilled operator SMT outstanding sailors and quality Control team in every stage of the process, the development Engineers to provide solutions to all.

The emphasis on high-quality materials, operations manager for Imbued with a purpose not compromise compliance. Times and perfect product quality, Procurement staff take advantage of every solution with ERP logistics management software to the Purchasing company Priority will reach perfection and punctuality.

CEO and vice president who Believes in his team and gives all the tools,

without exception, is Liat Electronics. Customer list of the leading technology

in the industrial and military applications, medical, civil.

Liat Electronics are family.
Liat Electronics is investing resources to Give the customer the best service.

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