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Purchasing agreements


VMI arrangement.
Cancellation agreements.
Cross reference to alternate projects.
Safety Stock Agreements

Assure material availability


OMaterial planning using standard material planning and procurement practices:

ABC Code, Lead Time, etc.

Material management per customer.

Manufacturing Flexibility


Adjustments of manufacturing plans to support customer requirements.
Product structures to support “last minute fluctuation” decisions.
Short manufacturing Lead Time.
Inventory accuracy.
Drop Shipments.


At Liat electronics, our supply chain management is a core business competency, and the employees throughout the supply chain are vital partners in our ongoing success.
In the fast-paced electronics sector, the ability to position material in the right place and at the right time is critical to lead-time, cost-control and ultimately competitive ability.

Material Monitoring


Ongoing reports generated showing inventory levels, for the MRP horizon, open orders, MRP recommendations and so on.
Cost variation: Monthly and Quarterly cost analysis.
On time product availability with optimized material cost: minimum inventory levels and lowest amount of material liability.

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