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Liat Electronics offers unparalleled Surface Mounting Technologies (SMT) assembly lines,
We feature BGA, Micro BGA, Fine Pitch, 01005 and all current market requirements.

We offer automated solder paste capability that is coupled with surface & paste volume measurement (POI) to assure unmatched precision and uniformity.

Our quality assurance apparatus include automated visual inspection (AOI) as well as X-Ray - along with rework station to remediate any imperfection. All our work is in compliance with RoHS or leaded requirements to fit your need. Every single product that comes our production line complies completely with Mil and/or ISO standards as required.


Liat Electronics features three Through–Hole (T/H) insertion wave soldering lines, one for RoHS compliance and one for leaded applications as well as a 3rd selective wave soldering line.

In addition, our production line includes: Press Fit Machines, electromechanical assembly lines as well as cable and harness design and conformal coating process (Vapor cleaning & XYZ coating machine). Naturally, our production facility includes product integration and testing as well as functional testing both on PCB level and system level.
Your product will emerge from Liat Electronics assembly line as perfect as you envisioned when you designed it.

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