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Liat Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1986.  As the niche “boutique”

manufacturing facility for the most cutting edge industries, Liat electronics employs 110 highly specialized employees that perform manufacturing engineering, new product implementation, and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.Our clientele includes a variety of highly sophisticated companies in the medical, defense and security, communication and industrial applications fields.


Liat Electronics offers unparalleled Surface Mounting Technologies (SMT) assembly lines, We feature BGA, Micro BGA, Fine Pitch, 01005 and all current market requirements.

We offer automated solder paste capability that is coupled with surface & paste volume measurement (POI) to assure unmatched precision and uniformity.


To enable competitiveness under all market conditions, Liat Electronics provides every client with sophisticated inventory and supply system that is tailored-fit to the needs of each one.


Liat Electronics Israel's leading electronic manufacturers, the ability and flexibility to manage any type of project, of any size.

The focus on customer satisfaction ensures total commitment to excellence in supply chain management, quality and engineering manufacturing and allows to offer competitive prices.



Tsvi HaNahal St 15
Emek Hefer Israel

Tel: +972 46341848

Fax: +972 46902791

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